EN50155 Wireless systems for challenging environments

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Reliable train to trackside communication is required for many applications: CCTV, Public Wi-Fi, maintenance and monitoring, VoIP passenger information systems.


Neratec solutions are serving a number of industries. Robustness and reliability are important features of our solutions that fit well to many applications in transportation, mining, maritime, oil & gas and automation industries.


Neratec is offering a portfolio of wireless communication products for railway and industrial applications. The products support both stationary and on-board solutions.

EN50155 Wireless connections for maximum reliability

We have all had that moment when we were talking to somebody on the phone and suddenly the connection got instable or even lost. While that is a bothersome experience, it’s also something that can be quickly corrected. But in some fields, a lost connection can have much more severe consequences. EN50155 Wireless connections are those that you want to have at your disposal whenever critical data must be submitted from one point to the other. Complying with this standard means making sure that data transfers are reliably available whenever they are needed.

What are the advantages of EN50155 Wireless connections?

A maker of technology items must always be keenly aware of the conditions and environments the product is going to be used in. Depending on those, certain parameters of a product must be adapted in order to render it operable at all times. For railways and their moving stock, the EN50155 in many countries defines these requirements for all electronic items and the hardware around it. Equipment that has been tested and approved under these standards, for example EN50155 Wireless technology, has proven to function steadily even under difficult conditions.

The challenges EN50155 Wireless systems are able to withstand

So what exactly does it mean when a connectivity solution is labeled as EN50155 Wireless? It means that said solution has been tested under extreme conditions. These include exposure to heat, snow, dampness, rain and extreme cold as well as to great amounts of dust, dirt and other deposits that can occur when a system is used outdoors. Even more importantly, bearing the standard certifies that the system works while installed in a moving environment and while being subject to shoves, pushes, vibrations and shock. Such abilities are in high demand in many fields.

EN50155 Wireless solutions can be used in many fields

While originally derived from the needs and requirements of railway companies, the EN50155 Wireless standard finds many other fields in which it is a good fit. The automotive industry and aircraft are examples that come to mind, as these are areas, where similar conditions often apply. However, the standard is not exclusive to all kinds of transportation. Construction equipment, heavy machinery or manufacturing machines are further examples for which wireless connectivity can be a crucial element and for which no basic solution would be sufficient.

Westermo Neratec, makers of EN50155 Wireless solutions

To make standard products of any kind, it takes a dedication to detail and a good amount of best practices as well as the tools and instruments to build according to the market’s demands. But to make products that comply with a long list of specific requirements, such as EN50155 Wireless systems, it also takes experience and above all a deep and profound understanding of the market a company caters to. This is the reason why Switzerland-based Westermo Neratec AG works for so many international customers who trust in the firm’s extensive experience.


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