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Reliable train to trackside communication is required for many applications: CCTV, Public Wi-Fi, maintenance and monitoring, VoIP passenger information systems.


Neratec solutions are serving a number of industries. Robustness and reliability are important features of our solutions that fit well to many applications in transportation, mining, maritime, oil & gas and automation industries.


Neratec is offering a portfolio of wireless communication products for railway and industrial applications. The products support both stationary and on-board solutions.

How to choose reliable 802.11ac railway components

IEEE 802.11ac railway connectivity relies on superior components in order to provide the best train to track and on-board experience. Whether you are looking for networking solutions that can be managed remotely or whether you are upgrading your entire Wi-Fi communication system, Neratec Solutions AG is ideally placed to meet your needs. With its exceptional depth of knowledge and experience, the company leads the way in high-quality industrial wireless products that comply with IEEE 802.11ac railway applications.

What is 802.11ac railway connectivity?

As the sector becomes more competitive, it's more important than ever for railway carriers to provide their staff and passengers with good, reliable Internet access. Since creating safe, reliable connections between carriages or with the ground would be almost impossible as well as prohibitively expensive, IEEE 802.11ac railway friendly wireless networking is the obvious solution. Unlike wired or static networks, IEEE 802.11ac which is more commonly known as simply 'Wi-Fi' provides high-speed wireless local area networks (WLANs) with fast 5GHz connectivity.

Leading the way in 802.11ac railway technology

However, in order for on-board Wi-Fi to be a viable option, carriers must address two basic issues:

  • how will passengers or staff access the Internet once on the train?
  • how will the train connect to the Internet network?
And, that's where Neratec Solutions AG comes in. Our range of WLAN access points and WLAN clients has been specially developed for use in demanding or harsh environment applications such as public transportation. Each of our Swiss-made components supports 802.11ac railway networking standards, providing users with fast, reliable communications and data rates.

Why do you need Neratec 802.11ac railway compliant components?

The Internet is an essential part of modern life, connecting people with work, friends and family, or businesses around the globe. Today, IEEE 802.11, or Wi-Fi as most people refer to it, allows us to connect from any location - even when we are on the move. Neratec Solutions AG has been a leading name in the provision of IEEE 802.11 products for the rail transportation industry and its various applications. Once installed, Neratec WLAN access points and clients deliver incomparable real-time access and allow you to offer passengers and staff excellent on-board or close vicinity communications, travel information, entertainment links and Internet access while the train is in the station or in motion.

Need to know more about 802.11ac railway communication focused products?

Based in Bubikon near Zurich, Neratec Solutions AG serves customers from a diverse range of backgrounds that includes the rail transportation industry, the maritime sector, oil and gas companies, and the automotive industry both in Switzerland and abroad. Neratec is the first choice of discerning customers in the automotive and transportation sectors, why not make it yours? Find out more about 802.11ac railway Wi-Fi compliant products made to our exacting standards at www.neratec.com or contact us by telephone or email to discuss your specific requirements.

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