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Reliable train to trackside communication is required for many applications: CCTV, Public Wi-Fi, maintenance and monitoring, VoIP passenger information systems.


Neratec solutions are serving a number of industries. Robustness and reliability are important features of our solutions that fit well to many applications in transportation, mining, maritime, oil & gas and automation industries.


Neratec is offering a portfolio of wireless communication products for railway and industrial applications. The products support both stationary and on-board solutions.

All you need to know about railway data offloading

Cost-effective and reliable methods of railway data offloading are vital to the transportation industry. When a fixed Internet connection is either impossible or extremely difficult to create, rail carriers need to find alternative solutions that can be easily implemented while keeping costs down. Neratec Solutions AG offers a range of high-quality EN50155 compliant products that enable you to create fast, reliable connections and facilitate more efficient railway data offloading.

Railway data offloading today

Most trains today are fitted with sensors that continually gather information as well as on-board cameras that record all the time. A large amount of data is generated and this has to be offloaded regularly in order to make use of information and to free storage space. Railway data offloading isn't always as straightforward as you might imagine. Unlike other Internet apps which rely heavily on broadband, most train carriages are not wired due to the difficulty of connecting moving vehicles with cables. Because of this, many transit companies consider railway data offloading from their trains a daunting task. They may be using the old manual method where employees dash from train to train to replace hard drives or using mass-produced off the shelf wireless Wi-Fi solutions.

Why do you need tailored railway data offloading solutions?

Transit operators who use consumer-grade Wi-Fi components for railway data offloading are destined to fail. The standard Wi-Fi IEEE 802.11 protocol is not especially suited to railway data offloading from moving vehicles since it wasn't originally designed with this kind of large-scale offloading process in mind. It was, in fact, designed to allow devices like laptops, tablets and PC's to easily connect to Wi-Fi Access Points that are themselves connected to a wired Ethernet network.

Products designed for railway data offloading

In a standard wireless Wi-Fi network, there are two elements: the clients and the Access Points. Clients can be devices like laptops or smartphones and Access Points are embedded wireless devices equipped with wired Ethernet ports that allow access to a network. Most consumer-grade Access Points and client connectors are unable to perform well in difficult environments, however. It's imperative that you select industrial-grade hardware that has been designed for use in challenging, high-vibration environments for railway data offloading.

Neratec products for railway data offloading

Drawing on its vast depth of knowledge and experience, Neratec Solutions AG has been able to develop railway data offloading solutions that are both flexible and cost-effective. The type of harsh environment associated with railway data offloading would make short work of the average RJ45 Ethernet connector. Choosing EN50155 compliant wireless and networking products such as the Neratec DT5302R, for example, can significantly extend the life of your system while reducing maintenance costs. All Neratec products are manufactured to the highest specifications and designed to last. You can learn more about our railway data offloading solutions at www.neratec.com or call or email us for more detailed information.

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