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Reliable train to trackside communication is required for many applications: CCTV, Public Wi-Fi, maintenance and monitoring, VoIP passenger information systems.


Neratec solutions are serving a number of industries. Robustness and reliability are important features of our solutions that fit well to many applications in transportation, mining, maritime, oil & gas and automation industries.


Neratec is offering a portfolio of wireless communication products for railway and industrial applications. The products support both stationary and on-board solutions.

Setting the stage for smooth communications with EN50155 802.11

People will be hard-pressed to find an answer when challenged to name an environment in which internet connectivity hasn’t made communication and data transfer easier to the point where it has replaced all other solutions once deemed feasible and appropriate. But the faster speed and higher reliability of this kind of connectivity comes with the need for tools and devices to set it up and maintain it. In the challenging setup of rail stock, EN50155 802.11 solutions thus must meet a vast number of strict requirements to function in a reliable way.

Meeting the standards of EN50155 802.11

Summarized in the most nutshell kind of way, the term EN50155 stands for the norm that is applicable for all electronic devices, setups and equipment used in railway rolling stock. It is easy to imagine that this implies a wide range of special circumstances under which said equipment must be able to function properly, including vibrations, shock and exposure to dust, water and other weather-related impacts. In this context, EN50155 802.11 covers the entire framework needed to set up stable internet connections at all times under these harsh conditions.

EN50155 802.11 as a guideline for complex setups

Everyone knows that a complex product is only as good as the sum of its elements. This is true in particular for any kind of setup that includes several components. For companies such as Westermo Neratec AG this fact is both a guideline for the products they build and a challenge to rise up to. It also means that all components and parts of a EN50155 802.11 solution must adhere to the same strict standards and must submit to thorough testing. As the usability of a product relies on the stability of its parts, paying great attention to every detail is necessary at all times.

Where EN50155 802.11 connectivity is used

Today’s rail traffic doesn’t have many similarities with train nostalgia and the way trains were perceived in the past. Railcars and engines today are high-tech units that are constantly in contact with one another as well as with stations, track monitors and control centers. These connections are essential for frictionless traffic and safety purposes, which means that all EN50155 802.11 parts must be fully functional at all times and around the clock. For this reason, railway companies around the world exclusively rely on established providers with proven quality track records.

Even more application areas for EN50155 802.11 products

If a company meets the strict criteria applicable for EN50155 802.11 products, then it has exposed those products to a rigorous testing regime and has demonstrated that it functions reliably even when exposed to difficult conditions. Once that proof has been provided, it is easy to see how the same product also finds takers in other fields. For example, the conditions the automotive industry works for comes with quite similar parameters and the same reliability is also required in industrial environments.


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