In the production industry, automation of processes is of a very high importance. The introduction of new Industry 4.0 features to digitize the operation of whole factories is on-going.

Monitoring of machines is an important base to:

  • reduce unexpected down-time of assets
  • optimize the performance of machines
  • predict potential failures and organize maintenance activities

A lot of information throughout the plant needs to be collected to implement such monitoring functions. Wireless communication can be an important enabler to attach new sensors to existing machines and installations: wireless makes retrofit much easier and allows to monitor also moving or rotating parts.
Neratec can provide a number of products and solutions for automation industry.

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  • Robust and reliable IEEE 802.11n based solution for train-to-ground
  • In-house developed software and hardware optimized for special requirements in transportation and industrial applications enabling unique Long Term Support, Avail-ability and Obsolescence manage-ment
  • Advanced RF front end enables optimized operation nearby other WLAN/3G/4G networks
  • Guaranteed performance over the operating temperature range
  • Excellent performance and flexible installations in harsh industrial and mobile environments
  • 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz operation

Key Features

  • Configurable as Access Point or Client
  • High output power and fast handoff support
  • High-Speed communications, Data rates up to 450Mbit/s
  • Better link span based on optimized transmitter and receiver performance
  • Supports remote updates for device settings and firmware downloads
  • Robust DFS (Radar detection) features
  • Outdoor-proof solution
  • EN50155 compliant

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