Wireless Sensors for Condition Monitoring

Systematic gathering of sensor data and clever analytics provide new insights into the conditions of industrial assets. This significantly reduces unplanned down-time and results in process optimizations and related cost reductions. Industry 4.0 applications require the deployment of additional sensors in industrial plants. Neratec provides customized wireless sensors to build powerful Condition Monitoring Systems. Typical use cases include retrofit of existing equipment, sensor applications on rotating machines or communication to autonomous guided vehicles.


  • no cables – wireless connection of moving parts or inaccessible areas
  • low-power operation
  • encrypted data transmission
  • mobile user interface with App


  • Vibration measurements on machines, motors, drives
  • Monitoring of intra-logistics
  • Temperature monitoring in industrial processes
  • Tracking and optimizing of cold chains
  • Prediction of failures
  • Optimizing of maintenance intervals

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