During the last 10 years Neratec has been providing wireless communication products for rail industry. Neratec products are known for their high quality and optimized performance for each application. The products are designed ground up to meet and exceed all relevant standards and regulation in rail industry.

Neratec provides reliable wireless communication solution between the train and the trackside. The high speed, reliable and continuous communication link can be used for many cost-saving and value adding applications such as CCTV, automation, VoIP and passenger information systems. Controlled low latency and jitter as well as multi frequency support enables interference free real time communications for your next generation applications.

Key features

  • Standard IEEE802.11 based
  • Fast handover between the access points with low latency and jitter
  • Continuous coverage with high user data thoughput
  • Enables secure, redundant and aggregated networks for control and multimedia
  • QoS support for prioritizing data
  • Dual-band operation in 2.4 or 5 GHz channels
  • Support 24/7 operation in DFS frequencies
  • No data pass-through controllers needed
  • Interference avoidance by multi-frequency system

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