M2M / Industrial Internet-of-Things (IoT)

The “Internet of Things” interconnects all types of devices through the internet to exchange data, optimize processes or monitor devices in order to generate benefits for users. The structure of such a network of sensors, actuators and devices that are forming new systems and services is depicted in the figure below.

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Building robust, trusted industrial IoT applications requires a combination of field devices in the operational environment with state-of-the-art IT infrastructure. Data is collected and aggregated over several layers in the enterprise.


Industrial Internet-of-Things by Neratec

Neratec enables the Industrial Internet-of-Things (IoT) by building the customized sensors and interconnecting the edge devices through gateways over the Internet. Ease of use and security are our prime targets to promote solutions for Industrial, Energy Management and Smart Home Applications.

Neratec is providing customized IoT solutions tailored to your needs!

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Components of a M2M / Industrial IoT Solution

Sensors, Actuators, Devices

tl_files/article/sensor-products/Wireless_Sensor/TempSens_PCBA_top_45deg_310x180_transp.pngSensors, actuators nd intelligent devices at the edge of the IoT can be easily integrated into the system. Devices may use various protocols and allow for flexibility over the whole lifecycle. They can connect through wired or wireless technologies. Encryption technologies and unique device IDs allow for control and verification of devices in the network and ensure the integrity of the services.

Neratec is offering versatile Wireless Sensor Technology to build customer specified sensor solutions.


M2M Gateway and Wide Area Network

The M2M Gateway is the transfer point between the edge devices (sensors & actuators) and provides the protocol conversion to and from an IP network. The gateway connects through various wide-area network technologies like mobile (3G/4G), DSL or other Internet connections. Beside the connection management, the gateway offers localized data aggregation, real-time analysis and data buffering in case of temporarily unavailable cloud server connections.

M2M Manager / Cloud Server & User Interaction

Device Management:
The M2M Manager provides the management tools for the configuration and management of the devices in the IoT. Web based user interfaces allow for local or mobile access through standard web browsers. The devices in the field can be monitored and managed also by SNMP or command line interfaces.

Data Processing:
Data from the edge devices is stored and processed on the server. Interfaces to external processes allow for a high degree of automation and optimization in the value chain. Therefore, additional enterprise systems like ERP, PPS, etc. can be connected easily.

User Interfaces:
Standard WEB or Java based technologies are used for the presentation of the results to the user.

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