Wireless sensor technology for today

Neratec Solutions AG leads the way in wireless sensor technology for today's industry. Whether you're in manufacturing or healthcare, industrial processing or agriculture, wireless sensor measuring has many advantages. Neratec offers a range of affordable solutions for use in any environment and its team of experienced professionals can create a fully customised wireless sensor if required. The company is known for its commitment to quality and its wireless sensor technology is created using a combination of modern processes and traditional Swiss skill and precision.

Take a closer look at wireless sensor measurement

Neratec manufactures a range of wireless sensor types at its plant in Bubikon, Switzerland. If precise temperature measurements are a factor in your field, a wireless sensor based on the Neratec Bluetooth® Smart Platform is the ideal solution. This versatile wireless sensor allows you to record exceptionally precise temperature measurements. Furthermore, this type of wireless sensor can be used in extreme conditions or inaccessible locations and can even be used in moving or rotating machinery. Bluetooth technology allows the wireless sensor to transmit encrypted data securely to other machines in the industrial internet of things. It can also transmit to other areas of your system and each wireless sensor can be accessed from any tablet or smartphone that supports Bluetooth Smart technology. Plus, built-in wireless sensor memory allows you to record measurements over an extended time period and even through a period where power is lost. Each Neratec wireless sensor will enjoy a considerably extended lifespan thanks its extremely low power requirements. The company is also happy to work with you to design a wireless sensor that is completely tailored to your individual requirements. For example, we can create a wireless sensor that combines high performance with energy harvesting technology for a battery-free operation. A wireless sensor designed by Neratec can be adapted for a wide range of uses. A wireless sensor can monitor air pollution in cities or in industrial settings such as mines, factories, construction sites or transport networks. Wireless sensor technology can also be used to detect forest fires or other environmental issues, but it is in the industrial sector that the biggest breakthroughs have been made.

Choosing the right wireless sensor

There is a Neratec wireless sensor that meets your needs and budget. The BudgeTemp wireless sensor is an affordable internal sensor that combines integrates Si-Sensor technology with a CR2032 battery. This low-cost wireless sensor can operate in temperatures ranging from -20°C to +70°C and has an expected battery life of one year. The PreciTemp wireless sensor is the perfect choice for those who demand high precision with data logging while the MaxTemp is a high-quality external sensor that can withstand temperature from -40°C to +85°C and which has a 5-year battery lifespan.

Whatever your wireless sensor needs, Neratec can help you find the solution that suits you best. Take a look at further options at www.neratec.com or contact us at any time for further information.


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