Explore the potential of Industrial IoT

When Kevin Ashton first came up with the term 'internet of things' back in 1999 he could not have imagined the global range of industrial IoT today. To describe the concept simply, industrial IoT refers to a whole range of objects or things which can communicate or collect and exchange data through embedded software and internet connectivity. Industrial IoT is one of the most exciting areas of the whole internet of things network and Neratec Solutions AG is one of the leading names in development and manufacture of products that meet the needs of industries in every sector.

Neratec takes Industrial IoT to a new level

Neratec Solutions AG develops new products and industrial IoT devices to meet the specific needs of its clients. This customised approach means that whatever your field you can count on the embedded hardware and software you need to make industrial IoT work for you. The company has over 20 years of experience in industrial IoT and WLAN development and its blend of technological innovation and Swiss precision has made it a market leader. Industrial IoT is used to connect a huge range of devices to the internet to increase their value and efficiency. One of the most common uses of industrial IoT technology is in production and manufacturing where embedded software allows equipment to be operated remotely or in tandem with other processes. Industrial IoT devices are essential in sectors like agriculture, pharmaceuticals, medicine, manufacturing and telecommunications. Each industrial IoT device can be identified by its embedded computing system and can then communicate using the internet infrastructure through the widely known M2M (machine to machine) system. While embedded software is not a new concept, the added demands placed on it mean that it needs to be robust, complex and secure. Neratec creates devices that operate securely within the industrial IoT network and which offer security, versatility and longevity. The company has devised a framework that allows industrial IoT devices to be quickly integrated and which also meets higher security requirements. Industrial IoT devices are connected using the M2M system and embedded sensors relay information to remote servers using modern Cloud technology. A simple diagram of the structure of industrial IoT connectivity can be seen at www.neratec.com along with detailed information on the companies pioneering industrial IoT framework.

The possibilities for industrial IoT are enormous. Typical uses for the technology include heart monitor implants, vehicles with built-in sensors, home appliances such as washing machines that can be monitored remotely with Wifi and biochip transponders for farm livestock. Neratec's industrial IoT framework is efficient, convenient and fast. It allows you to manage industrial IoT devices using the latest methods via the M2M system and each embedded industrial IoT device can be quickly integrated as necessary. The company continues to lead the way in industrial IoT development from its base in Switzerland and more information on industrial IoT solutions can be found at www.neratec.com.


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