Bluetooth Low Energy and your business

Bluetooth Low Energy, or BLE for short, is one of the most exciting developments in short range communication. Most people are already familiar with Classic Bluetooth to some degree thanks to its widespread use in smartphones and tablets and it is expected that Bluetooth Low Energy will replace it in all smartphones over the next few years. Bluetooth Low Energy also has enormous potential in modern industrial and technological fields and Neratec Solutions AG leads the way in software development.

Bluetooth Low Energy is widely marketed under the brand name Bluetooth Smart and offers the same communication range as Bluetooth Classic with vastly reduced power consumption. As the short range communication medium of the future, Bluetooth Low Energy has much to recommend it. Neratec is pioneering the development of Bluetooth Low Energy with a range of products that are aimed at the rail, automotive and production sectors. Whatever your personal field, there are several benefits to products that are equipped with Bluetooth Low Energy. Among other advantages, you'll enjoy a powerful and reliable wireless signal over short distances as Bluetooth Low Energy increases the potential of battery run devices.

Neratec - at the forefront of Bluetooth Low Energy development

Neratec Solutions AG is based in Bubikon in the Zurich Oberland region of Switzerland. Specialising in industrial WLAN products, Neratec has over 20 years of hands-on experience in its chosen field. The company excels in the creation of customised wireless solutions, many of which will ultimately feature Bluetooth Low Energy as standard. Products incorporating Bluetooth Low Energy are proving popular with international clients from a diverse range of backgrounds. Every Neratec product that has been developed with Bluetooth Low Energy has been designed and created with classic Swiss precision and attention to detail. A blend of innovative technology and robust materials enables Neratec to offer Bluetooth Low Energy communication devices that meet the high demands of its clients. As Bluetooth Low Energy becomes more widely used, Neratec continues to pave the way with embedded and real-time software, digital signalling equipment and customised products made to increasingly challenging specifications. Although Bluetooth Low Energy is most commonly used in tablet computers and smartphones it is ideally suited to other devices and products that are cable free by necessity.

It's also possible to design exclusive Bluetooth Low Energy products that are fully customised. Neratec's experienced team is adept at translating ideas for Bluetooth Low Energy into fully operational devices. It's this technological acumen and know-how that makes the company an innovative force in Bluetooth Low Energy enabled products. Not only is Bluetooth Low Energy ideal for short range communication it can be monitored remotely with Neratec wireless sensor solutions. Why not take a look at for more information on the company's Bluetooth Low Energy work? Perhaps you would like to develop a customised Bluetooth Low Energy device for use in your operation or business. Our professional team is always happy to help and you should contact us by email or telephone in the first instance.


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